Seaford & District Dog Training Club was formed in 1960 and has been in continual existence ever since. No mean feat when you consider that all the people down the years, who have run the club and trained the owners and their dogs, have been volunteers.

Class fees are £30/£15 per term plus a yearly membership of £10 – Single handler / £15 – joint handlers / £20 Family membership.

There is a big demand for our classes and any owners that are interested should contact the club secretary to be added to the list for the next available course.

Events Calendar

Dog Training
Dog Training bronze 7pm
AGM 7pm Details to follow
BBQ 11.30
Cups Competition
Summer School
Easter Holiday
Class Christmas Party
Puppy classes start 5pm
Puppy class starts 5.20pm
Puppy Class ends
Puppy class starts 5.20pm
Puppy Class starts 5pm
Puppy Classes finish
Puppy classes finish
Puppy Classes start 5pm
Puppy Classes start 5.20pm
No Classes today
No Classes today
Puppy Classes Finishes
Puppy Classes finishes

Training Information

Seaford and District Dog Training Club is part of the largest dog training scheme in the UK, The Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme

Our aims are to promote responsible dog ownership and to ensure our dogs are a credit to our community and not a nuicsance to anyone. We want our dogs to be socially acceptable to both people and other dogs. So socialisation is a very important part of our training.

At the club we currently run two Puppy Foundation Courses, three courses for the Bronze, two silver courses and two gold courses, plus the ‘graduate’ class for those who have passed their gold award and wish to continue to come to the club.

Before the courses start for the Puppy and Bronze classes a registration session is held where a brief explanation of what we hope to achieve is explained and you are able to meet the trainers. For the Bronze class this will be one session. It is at these sessions that we check that dogs have had their vaccinations. No Puppy/Dog will be allowed to start the course without completing their full course of innoculations.