Our Trainers

Emma - Senior Trainer

Hi, I'm Emma I am the senior trainer and coordinator of the bronze, silver and gold classes. Even though I'm the youngest out of the group I've got a fair bit of knowledge and experience behind me. I joined the club when I was about 15 training my brothers dog which was no easy task. 9 years on I now have a beautiful Patterdale terrier cross of my own 7 year old daisy joined me 4 years ago as a rescue and a nervous wreck, she would 'POO' on the floor at the hall every session. 4 years on she's now a gold dog and a little bit better ask any of the trainers what I've been through and they will tell you how far both of us have come and what a roller coaster it has been. At every spare moment I get I am researching new training methods, trying them out on daisy or planning your lovely classes. Every class is different and I love helping the owners to come up with a solution to a problem each week each dog progresses which is amazing to watch.
I look forward to seeing you in one of my classes.

Josh - Instructor

Hi, my name is Josh, I am 23 and I live in Newhaven. I have lived with dogs all my life and have something of a passion for them and all animals. At the moment I have two Lurchers, Mac – a greyhound cross collie, and Millie a saluki cross poodle. Millie being a rescue came with countless problems to overcome which included not letting people into the house! However, with hard work, she is now much better. One day I hope to start an animal focused business. Because of my affinity with animals but my reserve with people, one of the club’s instructors, suggested I might like to come to the club and see how I could work with dogs. I can tell you that it helped enormously. I now find I leave the training sessions with a big smile on my face and my confidence has increased greatly. I am now instructing the silver and bronze classes on Monday nights.

Kathy - Instructor

I’m Kathy. I joined Seaford and District Dog Training Club in January 2019. I teach dog first aid for dog-first-aid.com throughout Sussex and I’m studying for a Level 5 foundation degree in Dog Behaviour. I grew up with dogs and now have my own rescue dog which is allowing me to test my knowledge and understanding of common behavioural and obedience issues. I love working with dogs and their owners and hope to be able to help owners to enjoy their dogs even more.

Helen - Instructor

I’ve worked with animals for over 10 years in a zoo environment, this has included training a wide variety of species for demonstrations, limited stress veterinary treatment and every day management. I hold a diploma in the management of zoo and aquarium animals and have given talks on least invasive methods of training birds of prey for free flight demonstrations. I attend conferences on training exotic animals as frequently as possible in order to keep my knowledge current and up to date and am looking to start attending dog specific conferences as well as complete dog behaviour and training courses in the near future. I own a red merle border collie called Hypo who I’ve had from a puppy, he’s an active and intelligent boy who loves to learn new things. As well as teaching him a number of “tricks” to mentally stimulate him I’m currently teaching him an open mouth behaviour, injection and kennel cough vaccination training. Anything to make those vet visits as stress free as possible (for him and me!!). In addition to the dog I also have a rescue African Pygmy hedgehog called Spike and a Herring Gull called Steven who I found with an injured wing when out walking. Who knows what I’ll end up bringing home next week . . . . . I’m a firm believer that anybody can teach any dog, anything with the use of positive reinforcement, patience, consistency and the right guidance.